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"My girls are learning French at school, but I don't think either of them particularly enjoy it. It could be the school's delivery though. If they had a choice, they'd prefer to learn Norwegian (their father's side of the family are Norwegian) or Italian, just because they love the way it sounds."
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"I prefer the optimistic approach of lives.Being able to use your weapon effectively and efficiently can mean the difference between life and death not only for your fellow soldiers but also for any civilians in the vicinity."
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"Familiebesøk er alltid hyggelig, det er på en måte alltid bankers for de små...og som regel de store også;)hehe, de tsnør her også, laver ned ....kos ,men for meg er det en måned for tidelig, men lite å gjøre med det.....det været kan ingen rå med ;)klemmer"
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"des commentaires ne sont pas un forum et encore moins un espace de débat !certains blogs de bd (notamment un que j apprécie bcp: boulet) ont carrément supprimer les commentaires. c’est bien aussi…."
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