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"This is why my tagline reads: on writing, reading, and waiting. Someitmes I think I've played some cruel joke on myself, getting into writing. I am not especially patient, but I'm forced to wait for the next step all the time. And I love Tom Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream and Learning to Fly as writing metaphors. His music is too fun."
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"For those not familiar - Peeps are marshmallow shaped chicks, either pink or yellow ... and they're covered in sugar. Yummy and soooo not good for you! LOL"
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"I LOVE the way you simplify how to start a business, and how to tie your passion into your business.The key is to solve a problem. And to solve a problem in an area you are passionate about. It’s a simple concept, but one that is just clicking for me right now.Thanks!"
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"ah non pitié pas de la botte blanche de pouffe.. Et encore chez les createurs, passe, mais dans la rue sur du slim, pitié..[ps: "fût" c'est le subjonctif imparfait, faut enlever le circonflexe pour le passé simple...]Bon, je vois que tu t'es bien amusée!"
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