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"Jim, as usual, you are not only on track but powering the engine. You words about our grandparents and their hard work hit home. I have always believed in a strong work ethic but you have taught me that that won’t amount to “a hill of beans” if it is wasted energy! Leverage,equality and “rowing in the right direction” are making great progress for me. Thanks Jim"
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"Tout cela ne me surprends en rien , le clan sassou est une bande d’abroutis , sassou qui détournait les femmes de ces collaborateurs, dont l’exemple le plus frappant celle de madame ayessa puis sa fille BELINDA que sassou à commancer voiler dépuis l’âge de 11ans , donc les histoires des moeurs chez les Sassous on peut écrire des livres !!!"
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"Evan is a fantastic actor and great guy. Surprised they didn’t mention his role as Charles in INSANITARIUM, tho… he brought dignity and grace to a chaotic and disturbing film."
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"Well worth waiting for, Savita. Thank you for sharing this--it's a timely reminder of how very lucky we are here. As I have been reminded all too often this week, books are lifelines in many kinds of ways--windows on the world outside, escape mechanisms, comfort zones or just simply a way of helping us to know that we aren't alone. I felt horribly guilty the one time I went through customs with some extra booze. I can't imagine how I would have got through with suitcases full of illicit books."
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