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"I heard the traditional way of making kaya is only duck eggs. Since the price is not cheap most nowadays kaya is made with chicken eggs. Is good to made own kaya. Definitely flavorful. Yours look really great!"
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":::Heavenly music & a beam of light comes from the sky, shining down on the Computer:::It’s a Miracle!!!You’re the Best, & Thank you Sooo Much!!!!P.S. People already had me run a bat file & uninstall/reinstall Silverlight, but it was your solution that saved the day!"
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"Ca avait l’air sympa, je suis vraiment déçu de ne pas avoir pu être là !! Par contre pour la prochaine je m’arrangerai pour ramener qq filles parce que ca sentait quand même la soirée “entre couilles” Et sinon au passage bravo pour la refonte du blog, j’aime beaucoup, surtout la nouvelle ergo de la colonne.A pluch"
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"Okay, that’s it, done with Phase I. Now to move on. Your results look good Erin, and looking at my before/after shots, I can see a big diff. too. Now to carry over this motivation and bring it during the next phase"
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