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"Evan is a fantastic actor and great guy. Surprised they didn’t mention his role as Charles in INSANITARIUM, tho… he brought dignity and grace to a chaotic and disturbing film."
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"Well worth waiting for, Savita. Thank you for sharing this--it's a timely reminder of how very lucky we are here. As I have been reminded all too often this week, books are lifelines in many kinds of ways--windows on the world outside, escape mechanisms, comfort zones or just simply a way of helping us to know that we aren't alone. I felt horribly guilty the one time I went through customs with some extra booze. I can't imagine how I would have got through with suitcases full of illicit books."
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"Eu gostava que alguém se desse ao trabalho de fazer uma lista destas tretas alarmantes que eles lá bostam e comentam em diferido, para se saber como ficou.Tenho a certezinha que nenhum jornalista quis saber de mais nada.Para quem é bacalhau basta. Por vezes basta o título. Lendo-se é outra coisa.E noutras não é nada. Foi tudo estropiado."
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"I, too, enjoy yoga in my life! I try to do it at least once a week to check in with my body. I like the upper body strength that it gives me. It makes me feel stronger, too. Thank you for sharing your story!Jen"
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