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"Hotep Villager!The best way that I know to combat this madness is to get folks to the polls to vote and beat the Mundane Mavericks down.It really is a shame to bear witness to how desperate and lowdown the GOP ticket is."
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"There are links to two different articles, with two different mugshots.If you search Google images, you'll find even more mugshots of him.I don't know."
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"Uy, nos tienes que contar tu experiencia en Venezuela. Me muero por saber si este agorero del apocalipsis tiene razon o exagera como muchos que conozco =)"
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"Härligt, vilket bra inlägg! :-) Hoppas du får några inredningsidéer som kan vara till nytta när ni ska inreda er lägenhet. Och glöm inte att ladda upp bilder på sajten på det ni fixar iordning! Lycka till!"
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