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"Sem dúvida a perfeição em filme esses primeiros 30min. Mais duas (e prometo que acabo):1.) Cena do Tango no Perfume de mulher2.) A perfeição da cena e representação de Christoph Waltz (Hans Landa) na primeira cena dos Inglorious Bastards nos Alpes Franceses. Uma obra de arte.um abraço"
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"Yea – when I start to feel the boot dropping (I am feeling it now) I start to get aggressive. I want to attack something. I came to the conclusion recently that running and hiding is not going to work this time. It feels like a full-on assault. Course if it is a hide and run situation, the hubby will thrown me into the vehicle. He is good that way."
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"I heard the traditional way of making kaya is only duck eggs. Since the price is not cheap most nowadays kaya is made with chicken eggs. Is good to made own kaya. Definitely flavorful. Yours look really great!"
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":::Heavenly music & a beam of light comes from the sky, shining down on the Computer:::It’s a Miracle!!!You’re the Best, & Thank you Sooo Much!!!!P.S. People already had me run a bat file & uninstall/reinstall Silverlight, but it was your solution that saved the day!"
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