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"Thank you so much, everyone. Have been away for a couple of days celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary which has been a welcome distraction! Too right about the election, Nick! Will just have to wait and see on that. Will follow the petition link, Anne. Is your capital punishment book a novel or factual? Happy to chase on amazon but if you think I need a title, do let me have it! Thanks again everyone. Your support is hugely appreciated."
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"Don't we take strange photos? In NYC my daughter kept saying 'why?'. Telling her it was for the 'empty benches' group in Flickr didn't seem to work for her.Keep taking them."
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"Reading is sexy on EVERYONE. Even on mechanics and roughnecks (which I think are bluer than plumbers AND mechanics). And I’m lucky that I married a man who loves to read. It’s inspiring. And you’re totally right. Reading adds a nice bit of white balance to the blue-collar job."
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"….de asemeni nu sunt de acord cu finantarea bisericilor pentru a-si putea tine serviciile religioase sau a-si construi biserici numai pentru ca au preoti prea multi. Principiul crestin ( in cazul nostru ) este colaborarea benevola a enoriasilor"
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