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"CD. These included the ads we’d used in the Yell and Sell episode, a few we used later in the Secondary Sexual Characteristics episode, and a few more that were recent and which the might have seen on the Super Bowl (and"
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"to dla mnie oczywistosc, o ile tu nie bedzie jakiejs refleksji administratora.A na razie czekam na kolejna dawke obsmarkow - DO BOJU BABCIU REWOLUCJI ZREFORMOWANEJ - do boju pazie - ""grypser - podwórkowy wiracha Estimo /buhahahaaaaaa/ i zaloga..Jak mowil hetman Czarniecki - TEGOM CHCIAL..:)"
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"Add a touch of lemon and some flour to thicken the broth, beat a few egs and bring the broth to a boil. Slowly pour the eggs in the boiling broth gently stirring all the while and, bingo, you have a hearty avgulo lemono soup.Cures any illnesses especialy hunger.In Montreal North, long ago, had a neighbour who raised chicken and had a rooster until, early one morning, we heard a gun shot. Never heard the rooster afterward."
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"Mercalli è un anticapitalista della madonna: illustra il riscaldamento globale come se fosse la giusta condanna dello "sconsiderato mondo capitalistico". La sua non è scienza ma ideologia. Sconsigliatissimo per chi ha interesse a sentire parlare di scienza.Ricordo la sua ultima perla: il comizietto in TV in favore di due tizie ritenute dai magistrati coinvolte in un attacco alle forze dell'ordine."
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