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"Hell yeah it is.. Planet or not by definition doesn’t matter.. We use “not planets” in astrology too. Far as I know, some mention Ceres as being a possible ruler of Virgo.."
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"ingtkn aku sorg je salah mata memandang…kot ye pon fairytale le sgt,x yah la nk transparent la sgt ailopakk oiii….ape daa..muke dah lawo dh…tp pakaian x berape nak elok je..sian bapak ko tanggung dosa ko.."
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"It’s a shame that when Americans get murdered by terrorists, the Democrats’ first reaction is to make excuses for the incompetence of the people in charge.Here’s hoping your constituents send you packing, Ms. Fudge. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)"
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"I’m glad you liked the photos. The last time I accidentally hit publish, it was so close to done that I could leave it. This one just wasn’t quite there yet. Thanks for the pat on the back."
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