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"Different schools and companies have different requirements so it will be on a case by case basis whether or not you’ll qualify without a GED. If you choose a company-sponsored school the costs will be less than that of a private school. But regardless of cost, you’re going to want to have some money put away for the first few months on the road because you won’t make a whole lot during that initial training period with your first company. You don’t want to start the schooling or life on the road with empty pockets. Preferably a thousand or two in the bank at least."
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"Hello Mary, your post is adorable. Your little guy is worth every altered recipe one might cook. I have never been a fan of curry. I think I would prefer the altered recipe by far. Big smile.Thanks for your sweet comment.Hugs, Jeanne"
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"ola td bem passando pra deixar os parabens pelo blog , sempre acessava todos os blogs de humor dos parceiros e nao sabia q aqui na minha visianha cidade de jatai em serranopolis e q moram os mentores desse blog , me gusta . rsrs abraços pra vcs"
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"NOTHING about the amicus brief, about the before judgment, and his/her assertion that it was unanimous was unfounded. He took a guess. Basically, his comments were akin to saying that Richard Simmons is gay. He doesn’t need inside information to do that — it’s just the obvious answer, and like the odds of Berg’s cert petition being granted, the odds of Richard Simmons being a womanizer just are long as hell."
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