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"Great stuff, Carol!… Personally, I LOVE using the LCD as most of the stuff I have shot up until now has been video, and Will is spot on with the HD TV comment above. That really helps when you’re shooting shows."
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"Looks perfectly fine. Think of the booboos as personal design features. And it definitely isn’t a mistake if you can duplicate it on the second sock =-) And yes, I know how you made the purls on the wrong side =-) It can be done. Catch you this Sunday!"
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"Pictures do not do justice. If you look in 3D you can see the Hoo-Doos are standingin a line of four about the size of the kids. We wanted to name a Hoo-Doo and theway they looked, they appeared to be the grands. Admittedly, they did stand still. Yourand Stacy’s job is to now show them their namesake in person."
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"Sarah,I quoted you in my post today and left a link to the “Doing Good Together Book” great, great idea.Our family actually counted a few things this spring, but this post inspired me to extend what we did. Thanks."
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