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"nobody is obsessed with u in the least ya kuntheaded moron! once again ur narcissism blinds uu r pathetic and very easy to bait due to ur overblown false self image u do anything to save face including lie about ur iq employment history educational achievements and MERIT based awards u r a loser and as my buddy Mack Lyons knows LOSERS LIKE U R EASY TO BAIT because ure so gottdam STUPID!"
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"You've done an amazing job. It feels good to get organized. We've been working on our closets the past few days - where did all this stuff come from?!"
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"itsmissraine / Hi David! I just want to let you know that you were amazing in “Nandito Ako” and we Filipinos love you! I love your rendition of Forevermore and I’m looking forward to more of your songs in 2014! We hope that you’ll be back to visit us again! Keep safe and God bless you! :)"
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"While I think Kaka is a fine human being, no way I would invest in him if I were MLS. His body has not held up over the years and I don’t think playing in a physical league would work.Some of you assume he will play for Brazil on a consistent basis–I am not so sure. They have many younger, equally skilled guys who can play the CF/CAM role. If they keep him it would probably be for his leadership.He should try to move to a lesser team in Spain, maybe Sevilla or Valencia."
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