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"Andrea scrive: 1 agosto 2012 alle 14:42Autogrill al momento più un punto percentuale circa. E lei sig. Meglioli diceva ieri vendute allo scoperto . Auguri ! Andrea"
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"I do not use pinterest and have no desire to do so. However I have been wondering recently if any of my photos ever make there way there. I have no real objections but I would expect credit and also would expect the pinner to have the courtesy to let me know they have used my work! Somehow I doubt that is happening much for anyone. :("
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"Plenty of blue around our house today - pillows, a chair or two, tablecloth, pottery, favorite coffee mug, etc. Sometimes "new" IS better - you've proved it here!"
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"Bullshit, unless you think your special self has the right to enter any part of the library, or the post office, or the local courthouse and do whatever you want. Let’s hope that a special flower like you never has to confront real repression. Poor community farmers? What a load of crap. Republicans love you idiots. Your movement has become a sad joke."
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