"While I think Kaka is a fine human being, no way I would invest in him if I were MLS. His body has not held up over the years and I don’t think playing in a physical league would work.Some of you assume he will play for Brazil on a consistent basis–I am not so sure. They have many younger, equally skilled guys who can play the CF/CAM role. If they keep him it would probably be for his leadership.He should try to move to a lesser team in Spain, maybe Sevilla or Valencia."
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"Hope your neck’s okYou already know the answerJust get some video on your websiteensure it’s enabled for mobile devices, and the answer is:real video SEO crushes and currently, gets you to the #1 rank on google, unless someone else has already optimized a website with video for that particuliar search (prior to you), ie, real video thumbnails start to appear and then rise to google page one."
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"Exactly right. We have benefited from the sacrifices of those who have come before us. The standard-bearers of Liberty. And there are enough of us who anticipate a quickening of sorts – a state of affairs which might allow otherwise anonymous lives – to fight and if need be die – if only to have a chance at greatness – in deed and song – or in deed and obscurity – that the thieves should pay heed.Do not tread on me. I, for one, am eager enough that opportunity will not but have to ring once. If they persist to push this nation to certain civil war – count me in."
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"How about the second and third world? India, China, Africa & South America. Any vision there for progress or is the daily struggle against semi-oppression and for the next meal to great a stumbling block for them to ever have a chance of leading the rest of us again to the light of real cultural optimism and advancement?"
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