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"Shit, chick. I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine how that must’ve felt when you found out. My heart goes out to you. Time will heal everything and when you find that person that fits YOU, it’ll make the? heartbreak worth it."
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"I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I enjoy your blog. Looking at the number of comments, I see others feel the same way! Congratulations on a very popular blog."
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"An gripping discourse may be worth comment. I think that you can create writer for this theme, it is probably not a prejudice refer nevertheless generally everyone is not ample to verbalise in such matters. To the actual succeeding. Cheers just like your Khmer Karaoke Superstars » Somnangblogs."
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"Right, I forgot that she shops at whole foods or the farmer’s market too. The WF thing really pisses me off, because (at least in my town- and we are surrounded by small farms) it doesn’t really carry local stuff…. so I don’t really know how she can claim to be all “local” when she is shopping at a chain supermarket for the super rich.The thing I don’t get is that their costs on the house are probably close to $2000 (mortgage payment, utilities, taxes), so saving $50 or mayyybbbee even $100 if you really stretch that ancient mac and cheese is a pretty dumb/weird way to be cheap."
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