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"2008/06/26 Lho kata nya yang keras2 itu enak ????*gak nyambung….*Baideway mas…kalo ngomong soal konspirasi..gak adil rasanya kalo gak ngomongin pihak oposisi…Bagaimana dengan ‘oposisi konspirasi’ ?? menciptakan sketsa-sketsa kekerasan dengan menunggangi isu kenaikan BBM dengan menggunakan dalih sentimen agama dan demo mahasiswa untuk menciptakan ‘chaos’ sehingga meruntuhkan wibawa pemerintah….Harus diperhitungkan juga lho…banyak yang ingin menggulingkan wibawa pemerintah khususnya dalam menyambut pemilu depan."
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"I would feel better about NTP and their efforts if I thought that they were doing this to compensate the actual designers of the software or technologies in question, rather than just being some patent troll for some well heeled investors.OK………….Tom"
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"This is why my tagline reads: on writing, reading, and waiting. Someitmes I think I've played some cruel joke on myself, getting into writing. I am not especially patient, but I'm forced to wait for the next step all the time. And I love Tom Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream and Learning to Fly as writing metaphors. His music is too fun."
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"For those not familiar - Peeps are marshmallow shaped chicks, either pink or yellow ... and they're covered in sugar. Yummy and soooo not good for you! LOL"
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