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"Thanks for update. All sounds delish, however not very vegan/vegetarian friendly. So far, all we can do is drink some of those lovely concoctions, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But we would like to sample some food, too. Any suggestions?"
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"hello..I am looking for a course to take to fulfill my minor in English. I live in Canada and just wondered if this course is open to Canadian students (as I believe you work at the University of Vermont). Thanks for your time!"
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"Great stuff, Carol!… Personally, I LOVE using the LCD as most of the stuff I have shot up until now has been video, and Will is spot on with the HD TV comment above. That really helps when you’re shooting shows."
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"Looks perfectly fine. Think of the booboos as personal design features. And it definitely isn’t a mistake if you can duplicate it on the second sock =-) And yes, I know how you made the purls on the wrong side =-) It can be done. Catch you this Sunday!"
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