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"?Why? Why! Why do you get such fabulous parcels through the post and I never, oh.... hang on..... I got THE BOX this week!! Ooo! Am off for a rummage!"
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"Kevin and anon, be careful about all the politically correct nonsense being pushed around to glorify the pre-European inhabitants of North America. There’s a .Besides, as the article points out, nobody faulted Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, because it focussed too much on the brutality of gladiatorial combat and not enough on the great achievements of the Romans (like their aqueducts, calendars, or language). Only academics could be so stupid…"
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"That’s every girls dream to be able to just pick whatever she likes, like a kid in the candy store you must have felt like… so lucky.. all your hard work is paying off I can see?"
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"I figure if a dude can come up with a good title then the book can’t be all bad. That’s how I found out about Lethem and Murakami so sometimes it works. Puis à nouveau, sometimes you pick up The Sound and the Fury.ps I do heart Faulkner but as far as that one goes he could have quit after coming up with a most righteous title."
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