"Gleder meg masse,har meldt meg på bloggfrokosten og middag i siste liten:) Blir en så spennende helg,så mye gøy som skjer:)Klem Jeanette\\Mi casa es su casa"
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Le 22-12-2017 best car insurance in Tulsa OK a écrit:

"I am glad my first comment on your blog is to say “Congratulations!” My favorite pancake is one from a restaurant I live near–they call them “Almond Energy Pancakes.” I don’t know the exact recipe, but there are the ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Quinoa, Shredded Coconut, Cashew Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Puffed Ruce, Dried Cherries & Cranberries garnished with Fresh Berries & Spiced Agave Syrup.Yummy~!"
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"Hi, do you earn much money on your work?You speak swedish, right?, I'm from sweden but I don't mind write in english because I live in Australia :)Inspirational blog :)"
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"Look up the truth? How about the fact that there are so many INSANE people involved in politics, from all sides, trying to make any sense of it is pointless. The Israeli’s aren’t even smart enough to bribe their enemies. The bottom line is- it ain’t gonna be me or my kid who fights for Israel, we will stay home and take care of our family like real MEN are supposed to do."
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