"When you let her decide what was she doing? My first thought would be to make sure she has quiet toys that she loves in her room. Maybe pop your head in every once in a while at first so she’s not coming out to look for you. If she likes to play alone it should be fairly easy to get her used to bedroom playtime. Teaching her to put herself to sleep will be a valuable skill that will be with her forever. When you are ready to start… remember that! Good luck."
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"Jill,wondering if you took any photos with the students art that was at the lecture of Dr. Goodall’s that was around the room? I am the teacher that had the show.These photos are wonderful.What is the cost of a small one? Oops assuming you are selling some. I love the kiss.She was wonderful. Can’t believe we still don’t get it.Anyway,Great shoot.marcy monte"
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