"I LOVE these cookies! I tried them not to long ago...but I used root beer concentrate because I couldn't find the extract. Did you find extract, or have to order it somewhere? And, actually, I doubled the rootbeer since I didn't have the right stuff and that gave it a bit more flavor. Yummy!"
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"POSTED July 13, 2006 at 4:51 amIf all the code/examples are public-access then perhaps rubyforge.org? Has “Anonymous Subversion Access” – and bug notifications.Not sure why I’m assuming you’ve got Ruby code to share, but I’m sure once you’ve got an account and asked for project space, you can put anything you like on your SVN acct."
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"I am sure that there are many differing reasons for homeschooling children, depending on the situation, but I do think From my experience (I go to a private school, but I have a lot of friends who currently attend public school), attending public school can actually be very dangerous. There are a lot of drugs and violence at many of the public schools in my area. Dymphna, your reason for homeschooling is perfectly valid, but I do think Diamed's point is a factor for some parents."
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"Great “slant” on branding. My Dog continues to teach me things. I’m retired from a major corporate real estate position, but he will often re-teach me some personal skills that I have fallen down on."
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