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"My current one hurts my back but it was a present and can’t really justify going out and buy another one however winning one would just be perfect!"
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"This little short (unrelated to anything else I’ve done) was written in response to the Write On Edge prompt about a terminal. I’ve been sick, and having all kinds of really weird dreams that I"
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"Re Axiom 1 above:The concept of “sole-issuer” needs explanation.Isn’t every nation its sole issuer; its sole determinant of what is issued as money?If not, then does the private Fed qualify as the sole issuer n the US?Because it is surely an issuer of the US currency(unit-of-currency-denominated-electronic-tickets).Where is this explained?Thanks."
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"Hesperado I agree with you. Too many people seem to think the ideology of Islam exists in some sort of nebulous vacumn -- rather than in the minds of its followers.I mean why would someone call themselves a Muslim if they DIDN'Tsubscribe to the ideology of Islam?"
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