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"Hi Richard,Thank you for continuing to read my writing, despite my rebuke over a month ago. You are a patient man.Joan and Joe are real people.I always enjoy your comments and observations. Like everyone, I am trying to lead the examined life, including my own."
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"Hi Susan, I enjoyed reading your posts. You are doing great things for rug hooking. It’s wonderful to see it starting to emerge into the fibre arts world. See you in Australia!"
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"I heard something from a friend relating to body pH and acid, so I recently took a home pH test and found that my body was highly acidic. I have heard that this condition can be harmful to the body. I want to change my diet to include healthier foods that do not contain acid. I am searching for information on alkaline foods and diets. What is a high alkaline diet?"
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"Hi Wen,My friends has stayed in Happy Guesthouse before and the owner is the same for Big Bang Guesthouse. Although they love the warmth and the kindness of the host, however the location is at Beotigogae Station which is not that convenient as you have to ride at leaset 4 stations to either Myeongdong or Dongdaemun. For me, I'd rather choose guesthouses like Namsan guesthouse or Myeongdong guesthouse which is right in Myeongdong where you can easily shop till midnight."
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