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"1e5I am very happy to have stumbled on this site. I have been trying to have a rational discussion of Calvinism on another web site and found it impossible to have a polite exchange of ideas because two rabid Calvinists dominated the discussion and resorted to sarcasm and personal attacks instead of an honest and respectful exchange of ideas. Trying to understand Calvinism helps me understand my own Orthodox Faith.Fr. John W. Morris"
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"Ese tio no ha usado windows 7 en su vida. Con una maquina virtual (con 1,5Gb de ram) asignada tengo el 49% de la ram usada (tengo 3,4), con un navegador y el correo. Seguro que cobra mas que yo :-)"
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"Yes, Gattina, you can be thankful for that last parc. It seems so pleasant!Just one restriction; the weather, in Northern Europe, like us, Waterloo seems to suffer from humidity, no?"
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