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"Good morning, Athena! YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!! Never in my life have I undertaken anything like this! I am not much of a DIYer, so I’m just always amazed at how others are able to take it in stride and do such great work. You created something totally different from what it started out to be! It looks great with your cool Victrola on top, and I like the hat there for effect. :-) Cool that your husband still has 78s. That’s something I wish I would have kept but didn’t."
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"Joyce-Did you sell your possessions and give your money to the poor? How many widows and orphans did you provide for this year? Your hypocrisy shines through your typed words. Most poor people choose to be poor and rely on others to provide for them. Please look in the mirror and conduct a self-assessment before you reply and ask how “old” people are."
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"I WISH TO EAT THIS IMMEDIATELY.Partially because I just want to see what it’s like. Another reason is to annoy the self-righteous nutters who can’t see that it’s the fault of the consumer if they can’t see why this isn’t healthy.I also throw trifles at dogs, but that’s irrelevant."
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"Kedves Árpád!Az október 26-ai kérdése sajnos nem érkezett meg hozzánk, ezért arra kérem írja meg nekünk újra.Várjuk kérdését!További szép napot:Horváth Judit"
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