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"Love at first sight for me. Although a second look reveals a jagged edge between panel and train not noticeable on the model. Not a deal killer for me. My dilemma is whether her hair would be better swept back to showcase the beautiful neckline. Yet I like the cool casual vibe of the hair down, like the relaxed easiness with this flowing and feminine look."
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"Sad sad sad… I worked in the Italian film industry for 15 years and spent most of this time on the Cinecittà lot. Last week Teatro 5 burned up in flames, and now the place that I called home away from home is officially due to close. This breaks my heart. Some of my fondest work memories are linked to the Cinecittà microcosm. Gangs of New York, The Passion of the Christ, The Life Aquatic, Titus, HBO’s Rome…"
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"Que me perdonen todas mis clientas,pero esta hermosura luce este tocadito como ninguna. Rafalito eres un artista no hace falta que te lo diga. Un besito para todos"
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"Which means he mi9ght have beenb refering to the center of the galaxy. We are in one orbit around hthe sun which is the center of the solarsystem which is orbit around the venter of the Milky Way. which makes sense as most pictures depicting the Milky Way as its spiral depicts a huge light at the center. which would be making sense with "Central Fire""
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