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"Most ministers, as in David's case, do not stay more than 7 years.There is often no single reason why a minister may not exceptionally stay for more than 7, but a combination of factors makes it time for a change. How does Mr Stevenson know he was not given reasons – if you remember on David on camera said that he doubted whether he would be invited to stay on. In many walks of life people while working for the same employer move about. There's nothing illegal about that. How does Mr Stevenson know that the vote did not represent the majority wish?"
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"o'fake & o'family & o'(paid off)friends, don't stand a chance in HELL against Mr. Corsi. Does anyone remember "The Swiftees" ?"
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"The inner creates the outer, and Rose shows us that inside she is eternally youthful. For every one of my next 39+ birthdays (and all the days in between) I will find something to make me smile like this."
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"Und Thomas Blog sollte man lesen. Welche Unverschämtheit, dass die Kinesen gezz auch Milch trinken wollen, obwohl sie die garnicht vertragen (kriegen Durchfall davon wegen der Lactose). Aber wenns die Deutschen ärgert, dann hole ich mir gleich noch mal ein MILK ICE CREAM von 7-11, lecker. Ach ja, komisch, dass die Milchbauern immer weniger für ihr Produkt kriegen, wo Milch doch angeblich so knapp wird, wegen dem knisischen Milch(Eis)konsum...."
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