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"These sound delicious, Sawsan, and your dough recipe is a keeper, especially if it stays fresh when stored in the fridge. I like the idea of using lemon flavoring but can see where lemon juice could pose a problem if stored in the fridge. I wonder if lemon zest would add enough of the necessary flavoring? I guess I’ll just have to make some and find out."
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"Guadalupe Rivera Marin, fille de Diego et historienne d’art, vient de  avoir vu son père terminer les toiles de Frida Kahlo. « Elle n’aimait pas peindre, c’était une piètre peintre et mon père lui disait constamment de travailler. Elle n’aimait que se laisser vivre; la peinture n’était pas une nécessité pour elle ».Les mythes se fendillent ?"
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"Hi Christi, came over here from Beverly’s..love the mimosa tree, we used to have one at our old house, I loved to sit unde that umbrella of shade, and yes it made a mess, but a good mess. We live in Southern CA so they do grow in the west also!Have a wonderful week and stop by if you get a chance!Barb"
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"What an interesting experience with your hair. It is amazing what conclusions people jumped to! I’m sure that the hair thing will seem much better a few weeks out than it does now. Someday it will probably even feel like a non-issue."
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