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"just came back from a week in Aruba.if there are no tourist why does it take 20mins to drive thru town on masetirnet.All those cruise ships docked there must be empty. Can’t wait to return!"
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"How do you make such beautiful cards when you are so misy and grumpy, me thinks that the next card I make it will be when I am in a bad mood lol.Agree with the moan about the card sizes but apart from all that what an inspiration you are with all your pieces of art they are adorable, the victoriana feel is fabulous.Hugs Shirley x x x"
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"The scripts sucks. First it doenst only ban web server connections, but ALL connections. That means if someone is uploading data via his FTP he already creates easily 400 conections of file transfers and BAM he is banned.It also sometimes ban local IP, yes the own IP of the webserver.Its not a real protection, you better put it directly on the server side."
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