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"So..What part of writing frustrated you the most? And did you ignore it, put up with it, or o'ercome it?Don't enter me, I live outside the US....But I'm going to buy a copy of your book anyway, because frankly it looks awesome. Keep an eye out for a review when I get my hands on it :-)"
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"very nice, but don´t you think that the buddha is a bit incompatible with the christian cross? I always like my jewelry to have meaning, but I suppose aesthetic value is ok too..."
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"holas.Yo he creado mi pagina (o medio creado) en 1 and 1, y lo que quiero es enlazarla con el Dreamweaver, pero la verdad esq no puedo y no s como hacerlo. donde dice la Carpeta del servidor desea almacenar los archivos para la configuracion del Dreamweaver al Sitio, no la consigo encontrar en la pagina 1 and 1, si alguien sabe cual es o donde encontrarla s lo agradeceria.Gracias"
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"Walt will be one of those brave keyboard warriors who hide behind the person who is armed against whatever violent conflict he faces in life. Whether that is behind the military, police, or a private citizen who is armed and ready."
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