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"glad you all like it. Thanks for all the lovely comments.Vij thanks for dropping by :)Alka Thanks for visiting my blog. Normally I make things as I like. So I guess you can do the same. The original recipe did had green chillies, coriander leaves etc but I excluded them. U can sure skip banana, raisins, sugar. Add green chilly, coriander leaves, salt, if you like add egg too...if you try let me know how was your version :)"
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"Some countries have tax treaties where you don’t need to have an itin, because you are exempt from paying tax in America. Otherwise you end up paying tax in America & in your country aswell. No libraries that I work with have requested an itin & none asked for a w8ben form either, even when I asked about it. I’ve had to fill out a w8ben form for music supervisors before, but there’s a part on there that says if your country has a tax treaty with the USA, you may be exempt from having to obtain an itin."
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"scary! we don't even have fire alarms in our home. i think i should also have a handy bag that i can just grab n run out with the kid. Phew! glad it was a false alarm. after the acrlton tragedy I'm very very edgy abt fire."
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"Sto fissando una gita di sud d’italia la primavera prossima, forse dopo un po di tempo in Abruzzo – quest’edizione di “Italian Notebook” e` molto utile! Grazie tanto, Barbara!"
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