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"Yeah, I totally agree with you: friends and money don’t mix. That’s why, even when I’m strapped for cash, I am very reluctant to borrow money off a friend. I’m also very reluctant to lend big amounts of money to friends. 10 bucks is fine, but when a friend is asking to borrow a few hundred dollars, I’m not so cool with it. nothing can ruin a friendship faster than money. And the nerve of her to see you and act as if nothing had happened! You should’ve said, ‘hey what about that $400 you owe me, biatch!’"
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"apk sya boleh download trus coz juz cliks tp maps dgn join files tu jr xboleh..xtau nk copy n paste kt mna..ade kne guna software tuk download kr bro.."
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"that Prospect Y”-type stories should be taken with a huge grain of salt. I know there’s one commenter that lives in Fla. but I’ve been unsuccessful in enlisting him as one of our “spies.”"
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"Interesting work flow, do you only need two markers to track tripod motion as opposed to eight for hand held? Also is the OpenColourIO stuff available in the Tomato branch?ThanksTom"
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