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"Patrick, I am a friend of you Dad from long ago, and he send me the podcast. Congratulations on your success. Listening to you describe your product made me extremely hungry. I’m a big fan of ribs and pulled pork…wish I was closer – I know I’d be a customer!Best wishes for future success…Jack Sponcia"
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"Yes, he should be whipped just because he is not a bigot like you but mind you, comments from our eastern brothers about the Yorubas are gradually shaping are thoughts about their tribe and by the time it gets to the elastic limit, most tribal bigots like you who don’t see anything good in other people around them, will regret starting what they can’t finish in a life time."
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"How the zionist describe Palestine before Israel does not jive with reports of numerous government officials who traveled that area in the 1800′s. They described it as a thriving ‘agricultural’ area. But like all other areas of the world it was subject to blights and droughts from time to time that disrupted their commerce."
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"Hi Lisa,Thanks :)My great grandmother was Polish. I was fortunate to know her until my early teenage years, and I remember her talking about the "Old Country."It was interesting to visit her home country and wonder what her life was like there before she came to the US to be married in the early 20th Century.Krakow is a lovely little city!~ Sage"
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