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"It’s a shame that when Americans get murdered by terrorists, the Democrats’ first reaction is to make excuses for the incompetence of the people in charge.Here’s hoping your constituents send you packing, Ms. Fudge. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)"
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"I’m glad you liked the photos. The last time I accidentally hit publish, it was so close to done that I could leave it. This one just wasn’t quite there yet. Thanks for the pat on the back."
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"Hello Martha...What a cutie patootie grandson!!! But you already knew that...Hope you're doing well these days...I've had a few days down but trying to get myself back to ME!!!Love your share today ~ Happy PINK Saturday for sure...andLove that Don Ho Tiny Bubbles :DHUGS ~victoria~"
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"Absolutely. Those reasons are the reasons why I skipped it. The demo that I played made the game-y parts of the game seem better than FF13, but… ugh, Serah and this new dude I care nothing about. No thanks. I’d rather have Lightning and Fang: Punching the World in the Face Forever."
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