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"How pleased I am to see a convert. Unfortunately we have found asking politely for the filthy rich to redistribute their wealth and power rarely works… even Ashcroft only wants to redistribute his money to towards a party that will give our money to his class in bucket loads.Corrupt? No, I don’t think Ashcroft is corrupt in any criminal sense. He recognises his class interest. It is one of the only features I admire about the ruling class… they have a marvellous sense of class solidarity."
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"Anton,I look at your training logs and wonder how you keep up with your calorie intake...would be curious to know what your favorite food staple has been to replenish.CJ"
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"Thanks for your comment John. I think you are right when you wonder if we might pick experts that agree with our view point. Hopefully we will still have been educated a little by reading the viewpoints of others, and in some instances maybe swayed. Cheers."
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"Thanks to the good people who worked to keep Petey alive and who rehabilitated him. It’s heartwarming to see a HAPPY story in the midst of all the bad ones. Yay for Petey and his new, wonderful home!"
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