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", “This is just like AA only you don’t need to be an addict to attend. I didn’t know supportive groups like this existed out in the real world.” With that perspective I felt even luckier to be surrounded by the keen creative minds and supportive individuals, like you Kelly, that I’ve come to know over the years."
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"there are probably people who do harbour racist thoughts and very well may choose to pay more for the cereal thinking they are “screwing it” to the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans etc…..for whatever reason. I would never have considered that until now!"
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"How wonderful that your kids leave you notes (I'm a worrier too, lol). What a clever recycled project. Beautiful embellishments, those pins are gorgeous. Thank-you for sharing with us at The Poodles Parlour!{Hugs} Barb, DT"
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"Voluntary taxation would sort this!I'd be writing that after every one of PC's blogs but it would get tiring!Let every ratepayer decide how well the Council is doing and pay them justly. The current system is madness, can ONLY lead to tyranny and is bound to fail.The sooner we tear the system down the more we save our children's futures."
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