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"Emmanuelle a une belle voix. On n’en sait pas plus sur elle mais on en sait davantage sur sa façon d’écrire. C’était un moment sympathique avec Sylvie La Rocca qui a eu un peu de mal à se rattraper de sa bourde. J’ai apprécié la lecture de sa nouvelle, écourtée, avec les bruitages."
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"Just how many issues there are we tend to overlook. And there are always those who look, but can't see. I have the book and I'm looking forward the movie to come out. Aging is such a difficult issue that you tackle with such a finesse and lighthearted approach. You teach us how we can look at ourselves later in life and have no fear or at least less fear. I'm grateful to you for that."
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"Theres a new kid on the block! So watch out old timers n leme show ul how its done in this time n age. Zakariyya Loonat(NB: IM RUNNIN THIS TEAM ON BEHALF OF MY SIS.) BLUE ANGELS"
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"Tino Bombarda scrive:3 marzo 2010 alle 6:22    ATEI CATTIVI, ma come? non ringraziate la madonnina del montenero protettrice dei digestivi?! che vi faccia veni’ l’amaro in bocca, miscredenti!"
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