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"OpenLinkNighters! Yay!My most recent blog post is dedicted to a friend an poet who passed a year ago today. It is a gift to his mother and those who care for Prosper. I linked my most recent poem to OpenLinkNight. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening."
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"Yes, I often use YouTube as a 'preview' for songs before I buy them. I then play the full track on Last.fm, if available. Finally, then I decide to buy the track from somewhere like 7digital, Amazon or Play as an MP3."
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"Con semejante cabeza, está claro que solamente les queda (y en eso son auténticos expertos) el ímprobo esfuerzo individual.Esa Roja no es coja: está descabezada, por lo que se ve."
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"Theres one major problem with Bareass Bob’s idea….its against the Elections Canada Act.To be a member of a party you must pay a financial consideration, even if its one dollar.My guess is that Bob is looking for a way to find some “overwhelming” support.My hope is that this comes back to bite the libs on the arse."
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