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"Just to be devil’s advocate here: if you look at it from their perspective all mention of God in public discourse would be kind of annoying. For example, if our motto was “in Santa Claus we trust” I would petition like crazy to have that removed – not so much because it “offends” me but because it would drive me up the wall to see so many references on a national level to something so childish and fictional.There’s an aire of intellectual superiority among many atheists, which is terribly ironic."
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"High, they make a hand held can, like a spray paint, that has texture in it, you can practice on a piece of cardboard until you get it right. If the your texture is a knock down type, then pick a small trowel to do that look, ( spray first then use the trowel to make the tops flat. ) I hope this was helpful."
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"Personally I think the new name is more memorable and has more impact. The “step change” has a clear meaning in the English language and “step change” is clearly what the organisation wants to make. Hopefully its clients aspire to this too.Of course in the end actions matter more than words.Best wishes to Step Change and its clients."
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"Eso sí, parece que Badtz-Maru ha dado suerte al equipo español y nos hemos llevado el mundial. A ver si las chicas hacen lo mismo en Brasil.Saludos y besos."
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