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"Thumbnail image feature is not updating properly... I have changed some of the default thumbnails and used one of the 3 choice thubmnails, but it is been more than 24 hrs and new thumbnails have not been updated...Pls check it"
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"Yo creo que la lucha de sexos en ese sentido está más que anticuada. Una vez mi padre me dijo: "es que los hombres van a lo que van" y yo le contesté: "papá, es que yo también voy a lo que voy". Creo que no se volvió a hablar de esos temas en mi casa :Psaluditos"
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"I don't get it. I really don't get it. Visually it's an interesting piece of film but as an ad... well I don't get it.Looks and feels like an add about suicide or mental illness."
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"very little about the quality of your character. Additionally, you'll always run the risk of running into someone (hint, hint), a REAL scientist or medical expert who won't hesitate to expose your ignorance, and embarrass you accordingly."
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