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"I want my Prime Suspect!! I’ve got weeks of Harry’s Law stacked up in the DVR but Prime Suspect I watch same/next day as soon as I can!! Love Kathy Bates but the writing sharked. LOVE Maria Bello as the grittiest female cop on TV."
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""I didn't really mind because in most foreign countries they let members of the opposite sex do the pat downs so I actually looked forward to my Toronto trips."Oh I get it."
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""Still, I wonder if people would raise a stink if that official had dual citizenship with the UK or Italy for example."Well,*I* certainly would. Can you give any specific examples of officials with dual citizenship of U.S. and UK or Italy, for example?"
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"I’m not sure if Liberals still believe America still remains to be a free country when gay marriage is banned in many states because they do support same sex marriage. I need an answer fast…thnx and if they think America is NOT a free country, why?and if they think America IS a free country, why?websites don’t give the information my question is asking, so your help is much appreciated"
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