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"Alors, j'ai jamais goûté de caviar mais le tien me tente bien plus! (comme je suis fan des tartines beurrées, j'adore les confitures maison et la couleur de la tienne... on pourrait y lire l'avenir...)Il faudrait que je sache faire ça, des confitures...Tu sais, si j'habitais le Vexin, je babysitterai chez avec plaisir pour que tu voies Persépolis (un vendredi par exemple, pour avoir une part de pizza!)"
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"It was pretty obvious it was ours. The fence posts were on our side (the owners get the ugly side). It was also the same on all 3 of our sides, whereas the neighbors don’t have wooden fence like this. If there had been any question we would have asked around to figure out who had put the fence in and gone from there."
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"forget it.. I don't really care about it anymore... and ya know what everyone is just going to have to deel cause thay are not going to give up youtube... so yah I'm fine with the new channel"
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"And this is a relatively conservative community. What in the world are all those odd little sayings up there with the colons that keep appearing when I type my comment? I assume icons of some kind?"
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