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"I have only noticed screen-tearing a few times in the PS3 version. In action I never noticed tearing but I did see it when characters were talking like when Dima speaks to Blackburn and when Cole gives the briefing shown in this video. Apart from that, there could have been tearing but there wasn’t much noticeability.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 4 votes)"
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"ritzimitziHi I thought your review was very good but i have a question about the mascara. I am stuck with short stick straight lashes that never holds a curl unless I use hard wax mascaras, which i love BUT I AM SO tired of fighting to take it off. Does this mascara hold your curl and is it easy to take off, I would really appreciate any response. thanks !"
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"You guys are all turned around on this. When you find a nerd girl you need to point out a nerd girl who is doing something far more suggestive and racy. This needs to escalate into an arms race. Pretty soon you’ve got Rosario Dawson and Annalyne McCord scissoring for the rights to be queen of the Death Star."
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"My personal progress medallion means SO little to me- I’m not sure I still have it around. I was always jealous of the scouts and their activities, going on 50 milers while we made picture frames out of popsicle sticks. Though, to be fair, the church has established the Duty to God aware now for the young men, which is probably a better equivalent than an Eagle Scout. I don’t know a ton about it but my understanding is it may ease some of the inequality you see. Or it will make YM slightly more lame to bring it down to the par of YW. ;)"
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