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"Karen,You are very welcome for everything. I was not able to respond sooner due to work and family commitments.Dementia was definitely not starting to kick in.If I can ever be of help,please do not hesitate to let me know.Have fun knitting!Norma"
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"COMPLIMENTI! non vedevo l’ora di vedere TUTTA l’opposizione parlamentare in piazza! Spero che da Oggi sia iniziata l’attività d’opposizione forte e democratica del PD gra la gente, così da affiancarla a quella ben visibile di Di Pietro, e magari unirla alla voglia di un Italia migliore della Sinistra.Luca Buarotti [b][url]www.buarotti.it[/url][/b]     "
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"It’s been really interesting to read about your experiences. It is such a shame that fighting ‘the system’ be that health authorities, social services or schools can be more of a challenge sometimes than dealing with the condition itself. But writing with such honesty can only help to educate people."
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"Hey Kate!! It was nice to see you too- it’s been too long I think I’ll try to remix this dress in a variety of different ways this Fall. Tights and boots, blazers and belts, and perhaps a turtleneck underneath…?"
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