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"google is doing fiber optic internet witch is supposedly at least 50 times faster than the fastest right now. odds are there gunna use that to show youtube at true speed"
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"Marcia Denser, o seu nivel de desinformação é ofensivo. Vá estudar, esqueça a propaganda e julgue por sua própria mente, não a mente iludida pela divulgação do mais forte disfarçado de vítima, ok?"
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"There’s been a couple of comments highlighting this, but in all seriousness guy, the body is a marvelous machine and should be used accordingly. You need cardio to level out…yes I may use lamen’s terms for not being an RN but i’m sure you comprehend."
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"I’m watching, and seeing this more as an indictment of humanity than of ACORN – it’s kind of the gotcha journalism version of a Jay Leno person-on-the-street quiz. This lady probably also doesn’t know which came first, World War 2 or World War 1. I think the charisma of the two kids also wins the ACORNites over.None of which should be taken as an argument that ACORN deserves a pass or that it’s a good idea to have the government funding or partnering with these or any other similar organizations."
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