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". She said she didn’t like the options that were out there, which I took to mean as things that don’t meet her ridiculously contrived vintage aesthetic."
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"Me too I hate my real name which was Mary and people still sometimes tease me but most of the kids stand up for me kids used to sing Mary had a little lamb and tried to make me cry but now I just get mad"
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"Totally amazing! I’ve been going to Eureka for 35+ years now, and I always seem to learn something new about the City. I LOVE EUREKA because she loves me back!"
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"alicia banks,When I want sensational stories about white mischief, I'll gladly go to TrueTV.But when I want legitimate statistics on crime or other sociological issues, I go to credible sources. Like the DOJ.Meanwhile, with respect to the Jon Benet Ramsay murder -- 15 years ago?I think the Jon Benet's brother killed her. He was 9 at the time. Based on everything that happened, it looks like the parents tried to cover up his act."
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