"Dans le même genre, on s’étonne que les messages soient d’abord en anglais et ensuite seulement en allemand dans le Paris-Francfort alors qu’il n’y a pas 1% d’anglophones dans ces trains."
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"I think Sin from Sin Undone is a character that redeemed herself. I also think Rehvenge from the BDB series was an unlikeable character that I ended up liking.Larissa Ione is definitely one of the best writers in this genre and I have enjoyed every single Demonica & LOD book so far.If she can pull it off, Reseph would be the character who has done the most to redeem himself. I don't know how she will do it because I still associate Reseph with Pestilence. So I hope she really works more on the dichtomy.Chinyere E.ezinwanyi1(at)yahoo(dot)com"
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"Anita, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a kind comment. Unfortunately, I accidently pressed delete instead of publish an "poof" your thoughtfulness disappeared. As a new blogger, I love feedback and comments and I want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughts even if they don't end up showing up on my blog! I hope you keep visiting! You are on my blog roll and I love the beauty of your site. Have a great weekend!"
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"los coches de madera son unicos,,ke lastima q los retiren,,deverian dejar algunos circulando para q los curiosos y amantes de modelos bonitos nuevos o viejos puedan seguir disfrutando de ellos,,,y primera jjunta es LA estacion,,,muy ,mistico.."
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