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"  ChrKnut wrote:Hva skjedde egentlig i Frankfurt? Hva fikk dere på drikkestasjonene eller perfekte forhold og løype?De serverte lunken te, og sportsdrikk med kullsyre, på drikkestasjonene. Tipper det var det som gjorde utslaget.."
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"We can absolutely oblige that request. Alexander is working on the final piece of the series right now, which includes the addition of labelling. Make sure you have read all four parts published so far, and stay tuned for the fifth and final part very soon."
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"be showing some of my latest Acrylic paintings along with a series of latestprints. To view some of my art for the show and see other commercial ventures, clickon the link to my website:www.mikecressy.comThanks,Mike Cressy"
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"Hola Sonia! el collar de ámbar lo dejaré para otro post por que mira que da juego jajaja creo que junto con la lactancia es lo que mas he visto detractoras y amantes…yo pues ya sabes de que bando soy ” a los fantasmas les tengo su respeto” jajaja Un besote desmadroso"
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