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""...that large numbers of British/Commonwealth soldiers were fighting large numbers of Japanese soldiers on mainland Asia pretty much continuously 1941-45."Yes undeniably. Pardon the omission; as an Australian I know well what our forefathers undertook in campaigns from Burma to Melanesia and the Moluccas.My intent was to explode the egregiously arrogant and fantastical "overwhelming majority died at the hands of American soldiers" crap."
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"Brazilian president Dilma Russeff was born to Bulgarian immigrants, but she is not considered an immigrant, but a Brazilian.Norway should fail because it has no melting pot policy, but it has the no-mixed-race Aryan white policy, patented by Hitler.When a prime minister of Norway is immigrant, born to Bulgarian (or any other immigrant) parents, I will consider Norway a non racist country.Mange takk!"
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"With the stock market looking like a guillotine, there can be some comfort from high yields. I would look for good businesses with good management first and yield second, though. I mean, track record and prospects trumps yield."
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"@Tom, @Jennifer and all others :) — I personally would love to see more of eco-friendly – green – recycle – sustainable – healthy – vegan pics… Thanks guys, you rock!) make sure to write to us and let us know!"
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