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"Thank you. I was hoping someone would take this view. You’re entirely right, in my opinion, that you can’t look at comics from the point of view of “*this* is the update that will make my fame/fortune/girl of my dreams love me!” because that’s not how art works."
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"Creme Brulee is one of the few things that I know how to make from scratch. The most fun part would have to be the torching it. What seems to give it the main flavor is the base ingredient and the item that is put on top (usually sugar).The Pistachio Creme Brulee sounds pretty good! I wonder if I can eat it…"
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"12 personagens é um bom número, resta ver se valerá a pena lançar outro jogo (talvez lancem digitalmente).Mas era esperado, até agora saiu pouco DLC rsrs"
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"Inalilah waina ilehi rajicun ilahey hau naxaristo wilka somaliyed manta mel wen aya igode ilahey asagana janadi haka warabiyo gacanku dhiglaha na ilahey hau bixiyo waxdilo aminU codee: 0  0"
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