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"I'll see your "Synchronicity" and raise you a "".I had the little skeleton on my desk when I was selling vee-dubs. It was a fun car and fun brand at the time. Managed not to take themselves too seriously. The New Beetle was new, the Jetta was going places... I had some fun with those days."
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"the recent things I have completed are 4-A,6-A,6-B and the fire flower challengethanks SKJmin with this hack you made all my skill born, that is why I didn´t had problems with other games, but I still need challenges like this one"
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"espero puedan contactarme estoy enfermo del corazon tengo estenosis de doble lesion mitral.soy de escasos recursos. gracias de antemano ya sea que puedan ayudarme o no."
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