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"El problema es que el profesor manda el trabajo a el niño, el niño a mamá. Mamá no sabe buscar y nosotros, le hacemos la búsqueda, pero no lo encuentra...., luego le damos los libros, pero no ve porque se ha dejado las gafas....., luego le buscamos lo que le interesa..., vamos que nos falta pasárselo a ordenador y hacer un titulito con rotuladores de colores."
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"This may be somewhat beside the point, but it is my contention that the advantage to wearing high hells is that while you are still looked down on by men, you are not so very far down as you would be without the heels.Not much of a benefit, but I’m guessing it is the basis for liking them. Certainly a more reasonable basis for doing a thing than many other absurd things that we do."
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"Dear Fr. Bosco: Please receive the warmest greetings from your brothers and sisters from Ecuador, South America. We do believe worship to be central to Anglicanism everywhere, unless we are no longer a legitimate branch of the catholic, apostolic & historical Church of Christ."
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"Sorry I missed it. I thought I was going to be out of town during the original day and then got to this mail too late.I got an email today from Trevor and they are in good spirits. Check out the Porter’s blog @ porterzone.net"
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