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"sounds like a real punk. I'd give him the "Louisville Slugger" anger management treatment. See how you can express your anger while wearing a full body cast?"
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"Gosh. Perhaps you could double check the contact details?And then, if they were right and you didn’t get a reply, I dunno, have a giant hissy fit and put in a note to the PF committee or something? Be a squeaky wheel."
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"I used to use it a few years ago but then it did start breaking me out a bit! Thanks re the eyelash extensions, I am still loving them a few days on. Oh and btw I copied you and bought the Sun and Moon blush. It is so pretty!"
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"Well crafted, with insight, originality, and pathos. Hubris brings despair, to deny your muses is surely one of the greatest affronts to the gods. I was impressed the way you moved the action through time in the second one, music at the end of the conductor’s baton, the tar pits transformed to the orchestra pit all bordered by the proscenium. Well done."
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