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"Sally is one of the town’s jewels and I’ve been going in since my kids were in middle school and high school here. We look forward to gift certificates from Sally’s Place each Christmas — my mother phones Sally from Massachusetts and places her order — she’s done it for many years. They’re always handwritten, as is Sally’s order book, which adds to the charm. See you on the 10th!"
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"I am an independent contractor in the beverage business. I install & service beverage equipment such as,tea,coffee & soda. A company that wants me to sub for them requires a minimum of $ 1,000,000 general indemnity /personal injury insurance. Also worker’s comp that meet Texas’ minimum requirements. What type of monthly cost am I looking at. Thanks. 972-693-0919"
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"Cabby – AZ | November 2, 2011 at 10:40 pm |———————————-Tend to agree about Krauthammer lately. As a psychiatrist he ought to appreciate when a man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t….in the case of Cain….he’s being yelled at for not saying enough to the delight of the same group who accuses him of saying so much that he’s broken the agreed to settlement. The grilling of the man by just about everybody (whose own reputations ought to be examined as to whether they are befitting the various trusted positions they themselves hold in the public eye) is unprecedented. We’re in evil times and the hatred seems to be without human or humane limits."
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"jag kör också med mycket dialog i syfte att tälja karaktär.Som en kniv. Det är lätt att i ett senare skede av redigering stryka sånt som man vill dölja, an efter att karaktären fattat kropp och blivit tydlig. För jag tror också att det är precis som du säger. Det som karaktären vill dölja är det intressanta."
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