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"pera pera lang iyan kay tulpo,kapag nabayaran iyan mga tulpo na iyan,di ka nila i bro broadcast sa tv news..kaya lang ng mga tulpo na iyan aymga pipit sugin"
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"Courtney–I have just started adding on a few personal prints to the end of every order I send to be printed. It has really helped me print more. I love slideshows, too, and try to do a few of those a year. I’d also like to start making more simple photo books. There are lots of options, but with digital we aren’t forced to take that extra step to make the photos into something like we were with film!"
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"Phineas and Ferb is a show that a 30+ should be watching? Why not? I enjoy it a lot actually. Always hassling their poor sister, while having the GREATEST time. I only wish I had their mad skillz to do things like build a roller coaster in my backyard"
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"Lo mejor: La imagen.Lo peor: Escribir un artículo y no tener ni idea…Hay cientos de razones por las que Android SI es mejor.Y hay cientos por las que iPhone es peor.Y la objetividad?Para cuando una lista detallada de lo que Android tiene y el iOS solo sueña?"
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