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"Kevin, …. what made it worth ? All the sacrifices ..Was it the money ? Was it being in control ? Was it earning respect ? Was it standing in top of a list ? Did you have to proof anything for yourself ….. or maybe a combination of factors .. ?When I speak for myself ….. I’m pretty sure bodybuilding is a control thing ….. having the power of changing my body in a way that I want.And … another question .. what is you’re definition of success. At the company where I work they tell us to share our successes …… hmmmm …. but man … what is a success ?"
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"I work with a Marine and Navy Vet, worked with an Army vet. All say the same. I do my job too, except I don't get shot at, I'm not at sea at Christmas, my home is not a cramped bunk on a ship or in a wet sandy tent. Thank you Jeremy for your sacriface and your families'. This country owes you, it does not matter if you see combat or not you are fighting for me and mine and you have no idea who I am. I will tell you like I tell my son and his Marine family, Thank You for doing your job!"
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"Nice. Two consistent artists that are really talented. I wonder if Maxwell updated his myspace page with one more new song or hell, just the fulled version of the song he posted. I doubt it."
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"I’ll never forget this night. Seeing Kate crawl up, sitting and watching her all night, and then finally seeing her off into the ocean as the sun was rising was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life."
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