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"Mas um conservador nao tem de ser um ortodoxo rigorosoAté que o conservadorismo está aberto à mudança e às voltalidades do tempo, porque é muito naturalmente uma transiçao entre o passado e o futuro, e politicamente uma gestao das mudanças historicas das actividades sociais"
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"LOL – I was away for so long with work and travel that I just went through this tonight. Someone already signed up as BIM so I used another alias and then selected BIM as the name to appear next to my comments. Seems pretty cool to me."
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"“I moved away from an area which did actually loose their access ”New spellchecker required maybe before slating every else perhaps?Can I also suggest maybe some grammar lessons on apostrophe use?"
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"Kevin, …. what made it worth ? All the sacrifices ..Was it the money ? Was it being in control ? Was it earning respect ? Was it standing in top of a list ? Did you have to proof anything for yourself ….. or maybe a combination of factors .. ?When I speak for myself ….. I’m pretty sure bodybuilding is a control thing ….. having the power of changing my body in a way that I want.And … another question .. what is you’re definition of success. At the company where I work they tell us to share our successes …… hmmmm …. but man … what is a success ?"
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