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"and my New Year’s resolution(s):Face My Fears,Forget the Past, and Follow My FaithThanks for offering an amazing giveaway and best of luck to all who enter…andHappy New Year from my “krew” to yours…[]"
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"Shooooooooooooeeeees!!!!!Luff the peacock bangle and the hand-rolled edge headsquares. But you don't strike me as the sort of gal who willingly does a headsquare!Show us how you wear them Vix ;-)Hope you're ok re mum's anniversary (((hug)))Ali x"
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"So the Leveson Enquiry is packed with those who believe only the grauniad and the bbc can be trusted; others might blurt out the truth and frighten the natives. (Pst - your country is being overrun with foreigners by design). Just like the Iraq enquiry was packed with those who believe that sacrificing goyim for the sake Israel's safety is what any civilised country (with synagogues) would do."
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"ya la kalau ikut perbicaraan ....saiful menuduh anwar meliwat beliau secara paksa.....tapi kalau berulang ulang kali berlaku seperti dakwaan saiful....dan ruang utk saiful lari dari anwar ada....kenapa saiful masih tunggu...seperti beliau suka di liwat....jadi ikut undang2 malaysia ,saiful dan anwar patut di hukum....."
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