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"Your children become ever more beautiful, which is not a total surprise since Mom & Dad are both gorgeous. A note: .6 mile is just about one kilometer. That’s quite a distance for the Busling, and most 4-year-olds would consider it too far, also. Did you resort to carrying or a stroller?A general note: I absolutely love the convenience of the Orca card. Never a fuss about correct change or which line you’re on. As long as I remember to reload it now and then!"
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"Ainda ontem lhe disse. Foi meu professor, por acaso. Enfim, cá, só mesmo a Católica, o resto anda tudo a mando do dono ou das novas tendências cretinas e canhotas."
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"Reeves: Obama is a former professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, and you can’t even spell. Yet, you pretend to know about the Constitution???Don’t make me laugh."
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"Megan,Thank you for your coverage and support of the floods in the Cinque Terre. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Spreading the news and networking our blogs has really made a huge impact so I wanted to thank you for it by sending more visitors your way. Spero di conoscerti presto."
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